Website Writing Tip – Promote the Benefits of Your Business

Are you promoting the benefits of your service? Or does your website just talk about its features?

If you just describe the features, such as “24-hour turnaround,” you are missing the opportunity to grab your website visitor’s attention and turn that visitor into a customer. But when you describe the benefit of a feature, you tap into the emotion that drives the decision to buy. And you exponentially increase the potential to make a sale.

The Difference between Features and Benefits
Many business owners fail to describe the benefits of their product or service simply because they don’t understand the difference between a feature and a benefit.

Here’s how to tell one from the other. A feature is a quality or characteristic of your product or service. For example, the following words in italics are features:

  • Fuel efficient car
  • Teeth whitening strips
  • Time management consultant

benefit is the emotional content of the feature of your product or service. It is what grabs your attention and causes you to want the feature. Here are major benefits of the features listed above:

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