Do You Suspect An Ex Is Spying On Your Computer?

Do you think your computer hacking forensic investigator? Someone is spying on you and reading your private email correspondence? Not by a stranger trying to commit identity theft but by an ex lover or ex spouse that is simply obsessed or perhaps trying to get an advantage in a divorce or custody litigation. If you suspect you’ve been hacked you may not be paranoid. It may be a fact that someone has hacked your computer and is reading your email. This can be extremely unsettling.

There are many ways a person can spy on your computer. They can install a key logger or steal your passwords through the use of Trojan virus emailed to your email address. The person doing this does not have to be a computer expert. There are many products that can be purchases over the Internet that will enable an obsessed stalker to spy on your email communications. So today anyone can hack a computer.

If you suspect this the first thing you may think of doing is throwing away your computer. Thinking that it will solve your problems. But if they already have your passwords it will be a simple matter to get right into the new computer system. In fact this course of action may cause you to tip off the stalker and alert him to cover his tracks.

Another solution would be to go off-site and use another computer at the library to change all your passwords first and then throw out the old computer. But by doing this you could be destroying all the evidence you had against your stalker. If you want to catch your stalker in the act you need to set a trap. This is not as hard as you may think.

This can be done with a service called a Hacked Email Account Investigation. This type of investigation will set up a trap in your email account to document any unauthorized access into your email account. This investigation can then trace that information right back to the stalker and locate and identify him. The next step is to reduce all this information to a report and turn it over to law enforcement for prosecution.

This investigation can be completed in as little as 24 to 48 hours, and will not alter any hardware or software on your system. In some cases the same PI can expand on this investigation and perform a forensic examination of the computers hard drive to document even more evidence for the prosecution of your hacker.

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