Is Your Website Good? Characteristics of Good Websites

Websites. websites everywhere but how do you know if yours is any good? Many people I meet say that they have a website but it is not getting them the business that they had hoped for. This article will clearly show you what out to look for in a good website and help you decide if you need to make any changes.

Domain Name

You have spent a lot of time and money building your brand. Your website address is a crucial element of your brand. It can add value and of course it can make your brand seem not so good as you know it to be. How? Some people have a website address that is something like this – Your business brand will soar with a better website address like Make your competitors take notice of you.


A website made predominantly with Flash is not good. Many computers, smartphones and tablet PCs will not display your website if it is made with Flash. Also Flash makes your website all but invisible to Google.

Look and Feel

Many platforms, especially the free ones, are extremely limited with the options for styling your website. You will not be able to get the look that you really want. For example, with the free version of WordPress you can’t upload your own themes – you have to use the one’s that they give you.


Long gone are the days where a business website is just like a glorified flyer. A website must have content that will attract your potential customers and keep them coming back to your website? This could include:


  • slick integration of all your social media accounts
  • video
  • contact forms
  • give aways
  • questionnaires
  • ecommerce
  • advanced showcasing of your products/services
  • events
  • membership schemes


The list goes on. Many website building software found online will not let you give your target audience what they want nevermind expect. e poodide valmistamine


This is an extremely complicated area and I could write pages and pages for you here. However, the gist of it is that many website builders are not optimized to let your website compete for the first page of Google. Many of the characteristics mentioned above, like Flash, domain names and functionality, all contribute to a better rank on the major search engines. Do your research or get some training when considering if your website platform really is optimized for search engines.

I spent a bit of time explaining to a gentleman recently what was involved in creating a good website. At the end of the discussion he said “sorry”. I was confused. When I asked him to explain he said that before our conversation he thought that making a website was easy and that anyone could do it. He now believes that he needs to get some training or pay a professional to make his business website for him. He wants a successful business so he needs a good website.

On my website you will find out a couple of options of how to get the best website for your business. One of these options is to sign up for some excellent training. Previous delegates are amazed at what they learn and have recommended the course to others. An entry level website will cost you roughly £500-700. The training will cost only about 20% of that. What are you waiting for!


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